Saturday, January 9, 2010

Developing the Keyboard

          The keyboard program has changed since the last update. It has now changed enough to make an okay screenshot. Yes, this is what the keyboard program looks like now. The keyboard program is designed for a standard QWERTY keyboard, although there will probably be a Dvorak version when it is released. It has two rows of keys, "QWERTYUI" and "ZXCVBNM,", which are the basic scale rows. The accidentals are "SDGHJ" and "23567". Each of these rows can be set to any of the included instruments and to the bass(c2-c3), baritone(c3-c4), tenor(c4-c5), and soprano(c5-c6) range. (The ranges are not completely accurate, but they are the closest vocal ranges to the octaves of the instruments.) By the way, I have not yet decided what to name the program yet. I'll think of something.

screenshot of keyboard program

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