Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TextEdit update

         If you have been wondering about TextEdit 3.0, it is well on the way to being released. Although I know it will be much improved in the next version, it will be enough to edit files conveniently. Now that more progress has been made on it, here are its features:
Not started yet
  • The ability to load multiple files and switch between them without changing windows
  • Convenient editing functions such as to find text, replace, and skip to line numbers
  • Custom encoding for loading files, and a progress bar to inform of the program’s status
  • Bookmarks are enabled—Mark your important places.
  • A spelling check with code detection (automatically knowing when to check and turn off) is included, although its words are very limited. If you have added a great deal of words and would like to inform me so that I can publicise your vocabulary, post a link as a comment to this post (after TextEdit 3.0 is released).
  • A help page to show you how to do it
Expect TextEdit 3.0 to be out in several days.

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